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Stand for LGBTQ Rights

End Conversion Therapy in Connecticut

The CT Equality Coalition is taking the lead on protecting and expanding LGBTQ rights in Connecticut, and Triangle Community Center is proud to support their efforts as a coalition member. The CT Equality Coalition is taking on conversion therapy in Connecticut, and we need you to stand up for our community. 

Stay involved and engaged-- visit CT Equality's website by clicking here.

The term "conversion therapy" refers to a range of dangerous and discredited practices that would change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. While Connecticut proudly stands on the forefront of protecting LGBTQ rights, this practice happens right here. It will end when you stand up. 

We have seen significant bipartisan support for this bill, but we're not there yet. Those who would stand against equality and basic dignity for LGBTQ youth have targeted this bill. 

Do your part! Take a look at the action items below to see how YOU can be a positive force for LGBTQ youth.

Ask your legislators to support this important bill! 

  • Please call both your state representative and state senator, as well as other legislators you may know, and ask if they will sign on as a co-sponsor of the bill. 
  • You may have a legislator that has already agreed to be a co-sponsor. If you do, please call them-- say thank you! It's imperative that legislators who do the right thing get praise from time to time. Check out current co-sponsors by clicking here. If you know them, thank them! 


Tips for contacting your legislator 

  • Be polite and stick to the facts. You're standing up for vulnerable LGBTQ young adults! They are counting on you.
  • If you get a legislative staffer-- that's okay! Legislative staffers take calls from constituents all the time, and they relay that information to your representative or senator. 
  • Ask them if they plan on supporting HB 6695-- be straightforward. As always, use the above fact sheet to help you out. 
  • Thank your legislator for their support once given. 
  • If your legislator doesn't commit to supporting the bill, or is against the bill, ask them why they are taking that position. What would make their "maybe" or "no" a "yes"? 


Write a letter to your local paper

  • Conversion Therapy is discredited, and at its core, abusive. Let your local media know. 
  • For questions, please ask our friends at the CT Equality Coalition 




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