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Gay Santa Program 2017

About the Gay Santa program:

Note: Our Gay Santa program now extends to all Young Adults engaged at our Young Adult Space, which is not specific to LGBTQ individuals.

The Gay Santa Program connects donors with an LGBTQ person in need to enable that individual to receive a gift this holiday season. Gift recipients have signed up through Triangle Community Center's case management program and written a letter requesting an item that's value does not exceed $100.

Once an individual signs up as a donor, TCC provides them with their LGBTQ person-in-need's letter.

Gay Santa donors may drop off their recipient's gift or mail it to our offices, wrapped or unwrapped. We will be wrapping any non-wrapped gifts.

Gift recipients will receive their gift during a special event at TCC in December with other gift recipients to share in community and have a big holiday feast.

Give back this holiday season by becoming a Gay Santa. Sign up as a donor here.

*A Gay Santa can be anyone of any gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, etc as long as they have a generous and giving spirit and are able to give back during the holiday season*

To qualify to receive a gift from the Gay Santa program, one must:

  • identify as LGBTQ or as a young adult engaged through our Young Adult Services program
  • be in need (homelessness, at-risk, on hard times, etc)

If you or someone you know qualifies for this program, please reach out to TCC staff via phone, email, or in-person.

Paige Esposito

203-853-0600 x 104