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Transgender Day of Visibility 2017

Each year on March 31, the world recognizes International Transgender Day of Visibility- a time to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and experiences of transgender people around the globe.

Triangle Community Center stands firmly behind all transgender people of all ages and walks of life today and every day, celebrates the accomplishments big and small of trans individuals, and remains dedicated to uplifting trans voices in our local communities to increase visibility and to fight cissexism and transphobia.



Transgender Day of Visibility 2017 is March 31st. Triangle Community Center will celebrate with a series of happenings, culminating in a big TDOV reception at TCC on Sunday, April 9th from 4:30PM to 6:30PM. Next week, we will highlight the experiences and achievements of people in the local transgender community. We are currently accepting video submission and reservations to participate in a series of Facebook Live interview from individuals who identify anywhere under the transgender umbrella. To find out how to get involved, volunteer, or contribute your voice, reach out to Layne at


2017 will be Triangle Community Center's second annual TDOV celebration. At TCC's first TDOV event last year, more than 50 individuals showed up to TCC for a panel and reception, put together by and for individuals in the transgender community. Allies welcome! We look forward to celebrating #translives with you on TDOV and every day!

We highlight voices and accomplishments in the local transgender community, and check below for further links, ways to contribute to transgender visibility, and more.


To purchase gender-affirming items for TCC's clients, check out our Amazon Wishlist.

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Check out our Celebrate #TransLives event on Facebook. RSVP, share, and like!

To check out The Trans 100 lists and more of the amazing work that transgender people contribute to our communities and our world, visit

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To check out Wikipedia's list of notable transgender individuals throughout history, visit this Wiki page.

Would you like to read more about Transgender Day of Visibility? Visit TSER's website for history, statistics, and other details.

Would you like to get involved with TCC's Transgender Day of Visibility 2017 efforts? Contact Layne at

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