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Triangle Community Center, the Center for Family Justice, and State Representative Cristin McCarthy Vahey Host LGBTQ Empowerment Breakfast in Bridgeport

Triangle Community Center (TCC), the Center for Family Justice (CFJ), and State Representative Cristin McCarthy Vahey hosted an LGBTQ Empowerment Breakfast on Friday, April 21st at CFJ's Bridgeport facility meant to provide the community an opportunity to learn about TCC and CFJ's partnership, which was developed to expand services to LGBTQ individuals in Fairfield County.

 State Representative McCarthy Vahey spoke to the importance of community energy and efforts to support service organizations such as CFJ and TCC through volunteer and fiscal support as well as participation and community events. She also spoke to continued efforts needed to support a state ban on the practice of conversion therapy, which is currently going through the CT House of Representatives.

Join the effort to ban conversion therapy in Connecticut:

"On any given night in the state of Connecticut, an estimated three-thousand young adults ages eighteen to twenty-five are sleeping on the streets, and, of those, one thousand identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender," said TCC's executive director, Anthony Crisci. Crisci spoke to TCC's dedication to increasing accessibility for clients seeking to benefit from TCC's case management program.

A TCC case manager staffs the community partner office at CFJ every Friday, where clients are able to access TCC's services in Bridgeport without having to travel to Norwalk, which is sometimes difficult or impossible to navigate to for some Fairfield County residents.

TCC case management:

TCC also hosts two LGBTQ programs at CFJ's Bridgeport facility- one LGBTQ youth program meant to provide a safe and affirming space for LGBTQ youth ages 13 to 24 to socialize and one daytime social for LGBTQ adults of all ages meant to foster community and trust, especially amongst LGBTQ community members who might have a history of negative experiences reaching out to service organizations in search of LGBTQ-affirming services.

Bridgeport Coffee Talk Daytime Social:

Bridgeport LGBTQ Youth Program:

Amanda Posila, CFJ's Director of Education & Community Engagement, discussed the efforts CFJ has made to further prioritize LGBTQ-affirming services, both by ensuring that all CFJ staff go through LGBTQ cultural competency training and in their partnership with TCC and other LGBTQ-affirming service providers.


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