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On Giving Tuesday

Last Thursday, many of us reflected on all that we have in our lives for which to be thankful. As we begin to run out of our leftover turkey and stuffing sandwiches, we must not forget those promises we made to ourselves to show our love and appreciation to those who have given us their time and filled our lives with love. 

Today is Giving Tuesday, a "global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration." Thousands of individuals in Connecticut will be giving to the non-profits that enrich their local communities. We ask that you consider giving back to your local LGBTQ community center today, but, most importantly, we ask that you take the time to give to any non-profit that has done something to better your local community.

A few days ago, we asked what you were most thankful for this year. Here is what a couple of our board members at TCC said they were thankful for this year:

I moved away from my family when I was 18, during the last 33 years I have lived in many places. I am most grateful for all the beautiful people I have met during my life journey. I'm grateful for all the loving friends that have become my chosen family. In CT that family is TCC, where some of the most amazing humans stand by my side, support me, and love me unconditionally. Thank you TCC for all the love! - Jami Patterson, TCC Board President


I'm grateful for everyone who takes steps, big and small, to improve the community they live in. This not only includes the TCC staff, but also the volunteers and everyone who actively participates in the queer community. Thanks for building an inclusive, supportive community that makes CT a better place to live! - Tricia Reveille, TCC Board Member

TCC is thankful for you- you have fed and supported less fortunate members in our local LGBTQ community. By giving to Triangle Community Center, you are providing someone the resources to get back on their feet after losing the support of their family. You are helping someone find access to a health care provider that affirms who they are.

Read more about Giving Tuesday and Triangle Community Center here.

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