618 West Ave, Ste 205
Norwalk, CT 06850

MON-FRI 10am – 6pm

Nerd Night

About the program:

Gather around the bard's lute and prepare to thrown down your twenty-sided die! This is a free, sober group for those that have an interest in Dungeons & Dragons and other, less popular tabletop role-playing games. 

Nerd Night is for any experience level, from the young, inexperienced fighter, to the wise wizard, bravely pressing on into lands unknown. Group regulars are more than happy to help newcomers create a character and explain the rules. Grab your character sheets, roll your initiatives and let the adventures begin.

We are currently running three, independent campaigns: Firefly, Star Wars D20, and Eberron. Firefly is full to capacity, but Star Wars and Eberron have space available for players. It is advised to email the facilitator prior to attending Nerd Night to ask which campaign will be happening that night. 

December 28, 2016 at 7pm - 9pm
Triangle Community Center
618 west Ave
Norwalk, CT 06850
United States
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