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Pride 2016 Volunteers

Pride Volunteers

Volunteer at Pride!

At Pride in the Park, you will be a part of a team of individuals who build the LGBTQ community's most exciting event in Fairfield County. There is a lot that goes into making Pride happen, and we hope that you sign up to volunteer at Pride and leading up to Pride in the Park. 

Click here to fill out your volunteer form.

Make sure you fill out our volunteer form so that we have what we need for you to best apply your talents at Pride. We know you're excited to chip in and pull off a fun and memorable event, and are excited to work with you. 

How do I volunteer? 

Great question. Make sure you fill out the Pride volunteer form listed above, or by following this link.  

What's next?

Once you have filled out the volunteer form, someone from our team will follow up with you to get the specifics about what we need for Pride and what you are able to do. It's our chance to get to know each other, and we are very excited to see what gets you motivated to help out at Pride. We will, from time to time, host meetings and conference calls, so make sure you are ready to attend these meetings if you are able to do so!