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Triangle Community Center's training program includes community education and professional development surrounding LGBTQ cultural competency. Trainings are customized and facilitated by TCC staff upon request from local businesses, social and public service agencies, institutions, and schools. Each training is designed by TCC staff to be tailored to the request in regards to the curriculum covered and the level of material presented. 

TCC's training outcomes include understanding of the following:

  • Language and definition of terms associated with the LGBTQ community, specifically lesser known identities within the community.

  • Definitions of sexual orientation and gender identity and how the two interact.

  • The LGBTQ experience, hetero-normativity, gender binary, and privilege.

  • Changing our systems, policies, and procedures to be inclusive and non binary.

  • How to be a good ally to the LGBTQ community.

TCC does request a small fee be paid to contribute towards the time invested by staff into each training, though we try to accommodate every request despite an organization's ability to pay.

 Training Fee:

For-Profit - $500 (90 minute training)

Nonprofit - $250 (90 minute training)

 Training availability and fee may vary depending on:

- size of audience

- length of training

- level of curriculum (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

- number of sessions 

- location of training

If you would like to request a training at this time, please contact Katelyn Owens,