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2020 Fairfield County’s Giving Day

TCC Family,

When Aydian recounted his experience before coming to TCC, he told a story of real struggle. His family had turned their backs on him and he found himself looking for connection. He was alone, without a bed to sleep in and without any meaningful connections in his community. 

With TCC, Aydian is now writing the next chapter in his story. 

Today he has shelter. He's taking positive steps to get his life back on track with the support of the LGBTQ community... his new family. The safe space Aydian found, the care and support that lifted him up, the roof over his head...none of this would have been possible without your support

Today, Fairfield County Giving Day, I am asking you to support TCC with a donation that will help us meet our $5,000 matching challenge, getting us to our $15,000 goal, before midnight tonight!

Click here to help Aydian write his next chapter with a gift of $100, $250, $500 or any amount that means something special to you.

Thank you for making Aydian's story a success.

He and everyone who counts on TCC is lucky to have your support!

Edson Rivas, TCC

President, Board of Directors


Your Story Counts!

Help us meet our $5,000 matching gift!

TCC Family,

For Fairfield County Giving Day, we are going to share some special stories with you tomorrow.

You will hear "before" stories of discrimination and heartbreak. Stories of nights living on the streets and hungry days. You will hear about real-life struggles.

You will also hear about how lives changed after coming to TCC...being greeted with a warm smile and treated with dignity and respect, connecting with a loving and supporting community, and having a new family.

Finally, you will also hear about new life with TCC...stories that are still being written, but now feature people going to sleep in a warm bed and connecting with new friends who are just like them. 

We invite you to help us continue this great work.  Please click here to make a generous gift to Fairfield County Giving Day tomorrow, February 27!

We are grateful for your story....and for helping us support others a they rewrite their stories of hope through TCC!

Sean-Michael Hazuda
Executive Director, Triangle Community Center 


Help us meet our challenge before the midnight deadline!

Today is Fairfield County Giving Day!

Before midnight, we are going to share with you some stories. Real stories. Stories of people who have been able to overcome hardship, thanks to your support of TCC.

For 30 years TCC has been standing up for LGBTQ people, allies and friends. During past three decades, TCC has been a family for our LGBTQ community: the warm smile, the peer who understands you and the hand that catches you when you fall. 

This Fairfield County Giving Day we ask you to help TCC keep making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Help us meet our $5,000 matching challenge-- getting us closer to our $15,000 goal-- TODAY before the midnight deadline.

Click here to make a donation today of $100, $250, $500 or any amount that means something special to you!


Take a moment to get to know Cav's story.

Cav came to us for help: for resources, for a boost creating a game plan to move forward in his transition, and getting in touch with our team and to get connected to resources.

The part about Cav's story that I love best, and that I see in so many of those who come to TCC for help, is that Cav is paying it forward. 

You can often see Cav around TCC helping out. Cav is such a dedicated volunteer! And like him, so many folks who count on us for help end up helping out their community too! They are the people who made this community center work for the past 30 years, and they sustain everything we do going into the next 30 years. 

Your donations today help to pay it forward.

When someone comes to us for help, and when our team connects them with the services they need, you and our other donors have created a wave of hope: it ripples through our community and inspires people to roll up their sleeves and to give back too. 

Before our midnight deadline, I want you to think of Cav's story. How he came here, overwhelmed and confused, and how today he is living life with confidence and joy. Think about how he's paying it forward and is helping out his community... his LGBTQ family.

If this inspires you the same way it inspires us, I invite you to make a generous donation that will help us meet our $5,000 matching gift. 

Click here to donate $100, $250, $500 or more today!

Conor Pfeifer




If you have any questions please call or email TCC's Development Officer, Conor Pfeifer:

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