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Mourning Orlando

We invite the LGBTQ community and its allies to join us on Thursday, June 16 at 7:00PM at Norwalk City Hall for an interfaith vigil honoring the lives lost in Orlando.

Click here to learn more about Thursday's Interfaith Vigil.


Dear friends,

Like all of you, we woke up to tragedy this morning. Fifty lives were taken by an individual whose motives are not yet clear, who wielded a gun. Those people, the fifty people we lost, were at an LGBTQ club in Orlando, Florida. That club was a space dedicated to being a fun, safe space for the LGBTQ community. We cannot fathom the loss of those who the departed left behind. In many of us in the LGBTQ community, we feel the sting of hate in these attacks. We may worry for our own safety, our place in the world, and the extent to which we have access to safe spaces. 

To that end, we cannot always avoid heartache and sorrow. We can, however, continue to provide safe space for all of us. At TCC, we know what safe space means to you. We see it when you meet us at a social, looking to connect with people in our community. We hear it in your voice, when you call us looking for assistance with housing. We see it in you when you join hundreds of others at Pride in the Park-- braving the rain because you want to enjoy our community's biggest celebration yet. With your support, we together create safe spaces throughout Fairfield County as we train our nonprofit, government, and business partners on how to affirm every member the LGBTQ community, particularly our most vulnerable members such as transgender people of color who still face violence and discrimination daily.

Our commitment to providing you with a safe space to celebrate your identity is unbroken. It is stronger than ever.

In Fairfield County, we know too well the need to provide safe space. We are reminded of the horrors of another mass shooting in Sandy Hook. We are reminded of the people who came together across our county, our country, and our world to lift up and support the survivors and the bereaved. We recall the volunteers who worked long hours to retrofit a school for kids in our community to give them a safe space after one of the worst tragedies in our country's history. We remember the donations of toys and gifts donated to Newtown kids during that holiday season, nearly flooding town hall with stuffed animals, gifts, and expressions of love from around the world. We remember those people, and those moments of people coming together to support our local community and how it relates to the history of the LGBTQ community when we say love wins. 

Love will carry each and every day for you. You can celebrate it with a community that affirms who you are and lifts you up when you are down. It pours in from pockets of the world you never even heard of because there are always people who love and celebrate you unconditionally. There are people who love you because they relate to you and to what you are experiencing. In this time of heartache, we ask you to do what you can to provide a safe space for all. Above all else, we want you to remember that love wins.

Yours very truly,

TCC Staff

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